Harbour & Airport Engineering (2180602) MCQ

MCQs of Natural Phenomena

MCQ No - 1

The periodic rise and fall of ocean waters is known as ____________.

(A) Currents
(B) Tides
(C) Drifts
(D) None

MCQ No - 2

The resultant pull on a unit volume of water is __________ at the equator than at the poles.

(A) Less
(B) More
(C) More or Equal
(D) Equal

MCQ No - 3

The height of the tide when plotted against time gives ___________ shape of the curve.

(A) Triangle
(B) Square
(C) Sine
(D) Sawtooth

MCQ No - 4

The average interval between successive high tides is __________________.

(A) 8 Hours 45 Minutes
(B) 6 Hours 12.5 Minutes
(C) 10 Hours 20 Minutes
(D) 12 Hours 25 Minutes

MCQ No - 5

Generally there are ____________ high tides and low tides every lunar day.

(A) Two
(B) Three
(C) Four
(D) None