Harbour & Airport Engineering (2180602) MCQ

MCQs of Harbour Planning

MCQ No - 1

Data on winds, temperature and rainfall in India is obtained from ________________.

(A) Hydrographic Office of Navy Department
(B) National Geodetic Survey Department
(C) Meteorological Department
(D) None

MCQ No - 2

Beam of a vessel means the __________ of vessel.

(A) Width
(B) Length
(C) Height
(D) Cross Section

MCQ No - 3

The depth of the keel of the ship below the water level for a particular condition of loading is known as ____________.

(A) Draft
(B) Plimsoll Mark
(C) Load Line
(D) Unsafe Depth

MCQ No - 4

_______________ is used for carrying out maintenance work of vessels.

(A) Wet Dock
(B) Dry Dock
(C) Pier
(D) Wharf

MCQ No - 5

Plimsoll Mark or the Load Line is marked on the ___________ of ship.

(A) Bilge
(B) Draft
(C) Beam
(D) Hull