Harbour & Airport Engineering (2180602) MCQ

MCQs of Introduction to Airport Engineering

MCQ No - 1

What is Full form of ICAO

(A) Indian Civil Aviation Organization
(B) Intermediate Civil Aviation Organization
(C) International Civil Authority Organization
(D) International Civil Aviation Organization

MCQ No - 2

Which is not Aim and Objectives of ICAO (i) Ensure safe orderly growth of International civil aviation (ii) Encourage art of aircraft plan, design (iii) Manage 126 Airports of India (iv) Develop standards and recommendation for- licensing, registration, air traffic services, noise etc.

(A) (iii) only
(B) (i) only
(C) (ii) only
(D) (iv) only

MCQ No - 3

Full form of AAI

(A) Airport Aviation of India
(B) Airport Authority of Indian
(C) Airport Authority of India
(D) Aerodrome Authority of India

MCQ No - 4

Functions of AAI (i) Manage 126 Airports (ii) Provide Air Traffic management services over entire Air space (iii) Provision of visual aids (iv) All above

(A) (i)
(B) (ii)
(C) (iii)
(D) (iv)

MCQ No - 5

Full form of DGCA

(A) Director General of Civil Authority
(B) Directorate General of Civil Aviation
(C) Director General of Civil Aviation
(D) Director General of Civil engineering Aviation