Harbour & Airport Engineering (2180602) MCQ

MCQs of Port Amenities and Navigational Aids

MCQ No - 1

Pick up the correct statement: (i) In transit shed, the goods are being stored for short time period. (ii) In warehouse, the goods are being stored for long time period.

(A) (i)
(B) (ii)
(C) Both A & B
(D) None of the above

MCQ No - 2

The open floor space left immediately in front of a berth is known as _______________.

(A) Wharf
(B) Aisle space
(C) Quay
(D) Apron

MCQ No - 3

For the design of normal cargo transit shed, the uniform live load of ________________ is found to be quite satisfactory.

(A) 20 kN/sq. m.
(B) 25 kN/sq. m.
(C) 15 kN/sq. m.
(D) 10 kN/sq. m.

MCQ No - 4

The clear height of transit shed is generally kept as ______________________.

(A) 6 m to 7 m
(B) 2 m to 3 m
(C) 4 m to 5 m
(D) None of the above

MCQ No - 5

The open space for rapid handling of cargo in a transit shed is called ______________.

(A) Reserved Space
(B) Clear Space
(C) Aisle space
(D) Apron