Foundation Engineering (2180609) MCQ

MCQs of Shallow Foundation

MCQ No - 1

The gross pressure intensity (q) of a structure is ___________

(A) Total pressure at the base of the footing
(B) Excess pressure after the construction of the structure
(C) Minimum pressure intensity at the base
(D) None of the mentioned

MCQ No - 2

The net safe bearing capacity is defined by which of the following equation?

(A) qns=qnf / F
(B) qns = qnf + σ̅
(C) qns = qf – σ̅
(D) All of the mentioned

MCQ No - 3

The safe bearing capacity can also be referred as _________

(A) Net safe bearing capacity
(B) Ultimate bearing capacity
(C) Safe bearing pressure
(D) Net soil pressure

MCQ No - 4

Rankine considered the first soil element (element 1) at ___________

(A) The base of the structure
(B) Below the foundation
(C) Edge of the footing
(D) All of the mentioned

MCQ No - 5

According to Rankine’s equation, The bearing capacity of cohesion-less soil at the ground surface is __________

(A) Unity
(B) Less than one
(C) Zero
(D) Greater than one