Foundation Engineering (2180609) MCQ

MCQs of Selection of foundation and Sub-soil exploration/investigation

MCQ No - 1

The plate load test is essentially a ___________

(A) Laboratory test
(B) Field test
(C) Graphical method analysis
(D) None of the mentioned

MCQ No - 2

The plate load test consists in loading a rigid plate at the _________

(A) The base of the footing
(B) Bottom of the construction
(C) Foundation level
(D) All of the mentioned

MCQ No - 3

The bearing plate used in the plate load test is in the shape of __________

(A) Square
(B) Square or Circular
(C) Rectangular
(D) All of the mentioned

MCQ No - 4

The size of bearing plate, which used in plate load test varies from ___________

(A) 300 to 750 mm
(B) 25 to 100 mm
(C) 100 to 300 mm
(D) 25 to 300 mm

MCQ No - 5

The loading to the test plate is applied with __________

(A) Fluid tube
(B) Hydraulic jack
(C) Sandbags
(D) Cross-joists