Design of Steel Structure (2180610) MCQ

MCQs of Design of foot-over bridges

MCQ No - 1

What is the purpose of rakers?

(A) To support truss laterally.
(B) To support only top chord members of truss.
(C) To connect cross-beam with truss.
(D) All of above.

MCQ No - 2

Forces in top chord members in truss bridges are _________

(A) Tension
(B) Compression
(C) Flexural
(D) None

MCQ No - 3

Forces in bottom chord members in truss bridges are _________

(A) Flexural
(B) Tension
(C) Compression
(D) Shear

MCQ No - 4

Forces in vertical/diagonal members in truss bridges are _________

(A) Compression, Tension and Torsion
(B) Tension and Torsion
(C) Compression and Torsion
(D) Compression and Tension

MCQ No - 5

Truss bridge live load analysis is done using _________.

(A) Shear force diagram
(B) Bending moment diagram
(C) Shear force and bending moment diagram
(D) Influence line diagram