Construction Management (2180611) MCQ

MCQs of Construction Safety Management

MCQ No - 1

The reason for considering safety include

(A) Humanitarian concern
(B) Economic reasons
(C) Laws and Regulations
(D) All the above

MCQ No - 2

which cost is not include in direct accidents costs?

(A) Medical care expenses for injured.
(B) Replacement cost of equipment and material damaged in accidents.
(C) Decrease in moral which affects productivity.
(D) Fees for legal counsel.

MCQ No - 3

____________of every year is celebrated as National Safety Day.

(A) March 4
(B) April 4
(C) March 14
(D) April 14

MCQ No - 4

Which one theory have not been developed to understand and explain accident causation?

(A) Heinrich Theory
(B) Collision Theory
(C) Ferrel's Theory
(D) Vincoli Theory

MCQ No - 5

As per the Heinrich theory, 88 % of accidents were attributable to

(A) unsafe physical condition
(B) unsafe mechanical condition
(C) unsafe act
(D) natural calamities