Construction Management (2180611) MCQ

MCQs of Project Organization

MCQ No - 1

What should be the function of organization?

(A) Co-ordination of various department
(B) To prepare structure of organisation
(C) To monitor various activities and progress
(D) All of the above

MCQ No - 2

Select from the below principles of ideal organization?

(A) Unity of job assignment
(B) Span of management
(C) Separation of work
(D) All of the above

MCQ No - 3

What is the significance of Unity of Command as principle of organization?

(A) Employee should be able to work independently
(B) Employee should work in team unity
(C) Employee should know to whom he is answerable
(D) None of the above

MCQ No - 4

Delegation of authority as principle of organisation means _________ .

(A) To allocate duties and responsibility
(B) To allocate funds and resources
(C) To allocate time
(D) None of the above

MCQ No - 5

By which pattern different structures of organizations can be formed?

(A) Number of employees
(B) Manner of distribution of authority
(C) Number of divisions
(D) Type of work done