Construction Management (2180611) MCQ

MCQs of Construction Project Cost and Cost and Value Management

MCQ No - 1

Cost control in any project can be achieved by _________.

(A) Controlling overhead cost
(B) Controlling cost of resources
(C) Controlling cost of consulting
(D) None of the above

MCQ No - 2

Which of the following is not a step to control the project cost?

(A) Cost Control
(B) Cost planning
(C) Resource planning
(D) Cost overrun

MCQ No - 3

Arrange following in appropriate manner to control the project cost. 1. Cost planning 2. Cost control 3. Cost budgeting 4. Resource planning

(A) 3-4-1-2
(B) 1-2-3-4
(C) 4-1-3-2
(D) 3-1-4-2

MCQ No - 4

Cost estimation of resources to be used in project is done in __________ step of cost control.

(A) Cost planning
(B) Cost control
(C) Cost budgeting
(D) Resource planning

MCQ No - 5

Under which head cost of an item or activity is recorded?

(A) Material cost
(B) Labour cost
(C) Plant and equipment cost
(D) All of the above