Artificial Intelligence (2180703) MCQ

MCQs of Knowledge Representation Issues

MCQ No - 1

Which of the following statements correctly define knowledge representation in AI?

(A) It is the way in which facts and information are stored in the storage system of the agent
(B) It is the way in which we feed the knowledge in machine understandable form
(C) We modify the knowledge and convert it into the format which is acceptable by the machine
(D) All of the above

MCQ No - 2

"In AI systems, Knowledge can be represented in two ways. What are these two ways?
Machine Logic
Predicate Logic
Propositional Logic
Compound Logic"

(A) i. and ii.
(B) i. and iii.
(C) ii. and iii.
(D) iii. and iv.

MCQ No - 3

Knowledge and reasoning also play a crucial role in dealing with __________________ environment.

(A) Completely Observable
(B) Partially Observable
(C) Neither Completely nor Partially Observable
(D) Only Completely and Partially Observable

MCQ No - 4

A knowledge-based agent can combine general knowledge with current percepts to infer hidden aspects of the current state prior to selecting actions.


MCQ No - 5

A) Knowledge base (KB) is consists of set of statements.
B) Inference is deriving a new sentence from the KB.

Choose the correct option.

(A) A is true, B is true
(B) A is false, B is false
(C) A is true, B is false
(D) A is false, B is true