Artificial Intelligence (2180703) MCQ

MCQs of Representing Knowledge Using Rules

MCQ No - 1

Which condition is used to cease the growth of forward chaining?

(A) Atomic sentences
(B) Complex sentences
(C) No further inference
(D) All of the mentioned

MCQ No - 2

Which closely resembles propositional definite clause?

(A) Resolution
(B) Inference
(C) Conjunction
(D) First-order definite clauses

MCQ No - 3

What is the condition of variables in first-order literals?

(A) Existentially quantified
(B) Universally quantified
(C) Both Existentially & Universally quantified
(D) None of the mentioned

MCQ No - 4

Which are more suitable normal form to be used with definite clause?

(A) Positive literal
(B) Negative literal
(C) Generalized modus ponens
(D) Neutral literal

MCQ No - 5

Which will be the instance of the class datalog knowledge bases?

(A) Variables
(B) No function symbols
(C) First-order definite clauses
(D) None of the mentioned