Artificial Intelligence (2180703) MCQ

MCQs of Statistical Reasoning

MCQ No - 1

What is used for probability theory sentences?

(A) Conditional logic
(B) Logic
(C) Extension of propositional logic
(D) None of the mentioned

MCQ No - 2

Where does the dependance of experience is reflected in prior probability sentences?

(A) Syntactic distinction
(B) Semantic distinction
(C) Both Syntactic & Semantic distinction
(D) None of the mentioned

MCQ No - 3

Where does the degree of belief is applied?

(A) Propositions
(B) Literals
(C) Variables
(D) Statements

MCQ No - 4

What is the basic element of a language?

(A) Literal
(B) Variable
(C) Random variable
(D) All of the mentioned

MCQ No - 5

How many types of random variables are available?

(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 3
(D) 4