Android Programming (2180715) MCQ

MCQs of The Basics-I

MCQ No - 1

Explain android activity life cycle?

(A) onCreate() −> onStart() −> onActivityStarted() −> onResume() −> onPause() −> onStop() −> onActivityDistroy() −> onDestroy()
(B) OnCreate() −> onStart() −>onResume() −> onPause() −> onStop() −> onRestart() −> onDestroy()
(C) OnCreate() −> onStart() −> onPause() −> onResume() −> onStop() −> onDestroy()
(D) onResume()

MCQ No - 2

Which of the following is/are the subclasses in Android?

(A) Action Bar Activity
(B) Launcher Activity
(C) Preference Activity
(D) All of above

MCQ No - 3

What are the functionalities of Binder services in android?

(A) Binder is responsible to manage the thread while using aid in android
(B) Binder is responsible for marshaling and un-marshaling of the data
(C) A & B
(D) None of the above

MCQ No - 4

Which features are considered while creating an android application?

(A) Screen Size
(B) Input configuration
(C) Platform Version
(D) All of above

MCQ No - 5

What is APK in android?

(A) Android packages
(B) Android pack
(C) Android packaging kit
(D) None of the above.