Mechanical Measurement and Metrology (3141901) MCQ

MCQs of Measurement of Screw Thread and Gear

MCQ No - 1

The indicator that enables the application of a pressure already decided upon on the screw thread in a bench micrometer is called _________ .

(A) a fiducial indicator
(B) a pressure indicator
(C) a span indicator
(D) none of the above

MCQ No - 2

In wire methods, the diameter of the wire selected should be such that it makes contact with the screw along the ______ .

(A) outer diameter
(B) pitch cylinder
(C) root diameter
(D) axis of the screw

MCQ No - 3

In a two-wire method, the diameter of the best-size wire is given by _____.

(A) d = (p/2) sec (x/2)
(B) d = (p/4) sec (x/2)
(C) d = (p/2) cosec (x/2)
(D) d = (p/2) cot (x/2)

MCQ No - 4

From the following, which one is not a method to find effective thread diameter?

(A) Thread micrometer
(B) Two wire method
(C) Three wire method
(D) The v-piece method

MCQ No - 5

What is used to measure the major diameter of an external thread?

(A) Bench micrometer
(B) Thread micrometer
(C) One wire method
(D) All of the above