Mechanical Measurement and Metrology (3141901) MCQ

MCQs of Measurement Systems and Basic Concepts of Measurement Methods

MCQ No - 1

The largest change in the measured variable which produces no instrument response is known as

(A) threshold
(B) dynamic error
(C) dead zone
(D) none of these

MCQ No - 2

The ratio of the output to input change for a given measuring system is referred to as

(A) sensitivity
(B) linearity
(C) stability
(D) none of these

MCQ No - 3

The Conformity of the output to the true value of the measurement is called

(A) precision
(B) accuracy
(C) sensitivity
(D) none of these.

MCQ No - 4

The resolution of a system refers to

(A) smallest change in the measured that can be measured
(B) true value of the input
(C) retardation of the response
(D) none of these

MCQ No - 5

The least change of the measured variable which can be detected at the output of the measuring system is

(A) least count
(B) sensitivity
(C) discrimination
(D) any of these