Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Machines (3141906) MCQ

MCQs of Static Forces on Surface and Buoyancy

MCQ No - 1

The total pressure on a horizontally immersed surface is

(A) ρgA
(B) ρgh¯
(C) ρgAh¯
(D) none of the above

MCQ No - 2

The total pressure on an immersed surface inclined at an angle θ with the liquid surface is

(A) ρgA
(B) ρgh¯
(C) ρgAh¯
(D) ρgAh¯sinθ

MCQ No - 3

The point at which the resultant pressure on an immersed surface acts is known as

(A) centre of pressure
(B) centre of gravity
(C) centre of depth
(D) centre of buoyancy

MCQ No - 4

The centre of pressure acts……………...the centre of gravity of immersed surface.

(A) at
(B) above
(C) below
(D) same point

MCQ No - 5

When a vertical wall is subjected to pressures due to liquid on both sides, the resultant pressure is the………of the two pressures.

(A) sum
(B) difference
(C) arithmetic mean
(D) geometric mean