Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Machines (3141906) MCQ

MCQs of The Energy Equation and its Application

MCQ No - 1

The study of force which produces fluid motion is called as

(A) fluid kinematics
(B) fluid dynamics
(C) fluid statics
(D) none of the above

MCQ No - 2

Euler's equation of motion is a statement of

(A) energy balance
(B) conservation of momentum for an inviscid liquid
(C) conservation of momentum for an incompressible flow
(D) conservation of momentum for real fluid

MCQ No - 3

Euler's equation of motion for liquids is based on the assumption that the

(A) flow is streamline
(B) flow takes place continuously
(C) flow is homogeneous and incompressible
(D) flow is irrotational

MCQ No - 4

Bernoulli's theorem deals with the conservation of

(A) mass
(B) energy
(C) momentum
(D) force

MCQ No - 5

According to Bernoulli's equation

(A) Z+pw+v22g=Constant
(B) Z+pw-v22g=Constant
(C) Z-pw+v22g=Constant
(D) Z-pw-v22g=Constant