Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Machines (3141906) MCQ

MCQs of Dimensional Analysis and Similarities

MCQ No - 1

Which of the following statements are true for dimensional analysis?

(A) The functional relationship between dependent and non-dependent variables can be expressed into dimensionless terms by dimensional analysis.
(B) It is used to change the theoretical equation into a dimensionless form.
(C) It helps to convert the units of quantities from one system to another system.
(D) All of the above.

MCQ No - 2

Dimensional analysis is useful in

(A) checking the correctness of a physical equation
(B) determining the number of variables involved in a particular phenomenon
(C) determining the dimensionless groups from the given variables
(D) the exact formulation of a physical phenomenon

MCQ No - 3

The unit of a physical quantity which does not depend on the unit of any other physical quantity is called

(A) independent dimension
(B) fundamental dimension
(C) core dimension
(D) all of the above

MCQ No - 4

Which of the following is not a primary quantity?

(A) Mass
(B) Temperature
(C) Time
(D) None of the above

MCQ No - 5

What are the dimensions of force?

(A) M1L1T-2
(B) M1L1T-1
(C) M1L2T-2
(D) M1L2T2