Fundamentals of Machine Design (3141907) MCQ

MCQs of Flexural Stresses

MCQ No - 1

The neutral axis of the cross-section a beam is that axis at which the bending stress is

(A) zero
(B) minimum
(C) maximum
(D) infinity

MCQ No - 2

The bending stress in a beam is __________ section modulus.

(A) directly proportional to
(B) inversely proportional to

MCQ No - 3

In a simple bending of beams, the stress in the beam varies

(A) linearly
(B) parabolically
(C) hyperbolically
(D) elliptically

MCQ No - 4

The section modulus of a rectangular section about an axis through its C.G. is

(A) b2
(B) d2
(C) bd22
(D) bd26

MCQ No - 5

A beam which is fixed at one end and free at the other is called

(A) simply supported beam
(B) fixed beam
(C) overhanging beam
(D) cantilever beam