Fundamentals of Machine Design (3141907) MCQ

MCQs of Moment of Inertia of Planar Cross-sections

MCQ No - 1

The point, through which the whole weight of the body acts, irrespective of its position, is known as

(A) moment of inertia
(B) center of gravity
(C) center of percussion
(D) center of mass

MCQ No - 2

The center of the area of plane figures (like a triangle, quadrilateral, circle, etc.) has only areas, but no mass figures are known as centroid.

(A) True
(B) False

MCQ No - 3

A body is having more than one center of gravity for all positions of the body.

(A) Correct
(B) Incorrect

MCQ No - 4

The center of gravity of a body is always calculated with reference to some assumed axis known

(A) plane of reference
(B) point of reference
(C) axis of reference
(D) none of these

MCQ No - 5

The unit of moment of inertia of an area is

(A) kgm2
(B) kgms2
(C) kgm2
(D) m4