Manufacturing Processes (3141908) MCQ

MCQs of Basic Machine Tools and Metal Cutting Principles

MCQ No - 1

Cast iron during machining produces

(A) continuous chips
(B) discontinuous chips
(C) continuous chips with built-up-edge
(D) none of these

MCQ No - 2

A single point thread cutting tool should ideally have

(A) zero rake angle
(B) positive rake angle
(C) negative rake angle
(D) point angle

MCQ No - 3

The tool made of cemented carbide wear out faster at

(A) slow speeds
(B) medium speeds
(C) fast speeds
(D) very fast speeds

MCQ No - 4

Crater wear occurs mainly on the

(A) nose part, front relief face and side relief face of the cutting tool
(B) the face of the cutting tool at a short distance from the cutting edge only
(C) cutting edge only
(D) front face only

MCQ No - 5

The rake angle of a single-point cutting tool corresponds to __________ of a twist drill.

(A) lip clearance angle
(B) helix angle
(C) point angle
(D) chisel edge angle