Organisational Behaviour (3141909) MCQ

MCQs of Dynamics of Organizational Behaviour

MCQ No - 1

Mahek is a manager for a manufacturing company in which managers are expected to fully document all decisions and in which it is important to provide detailed data to support any recommendations. Also, out-of-the-box thinking is dissuaded. Which characteristic of organizational culture describes this aspect of Mahek's job?

(A) Low team orientation
(B) High aggressiveness
(C) Low adaptability
(D) Low outcome orientation

MCQ No - 2

Darshit's boss is apathetic as to whether Darshit works at home, at the office, or from his beach house. All he cares about is that the project is completed on time, on budget, and with exemplary quality. Which characteristic of organizational culture describes this aspect of Darshit's job?

(A) Low risk taking
(B) High outcome orientation
(C) High attention to detail
(D) Low aggressiveness

MCQ No - 3

Detail orientation is one of the six primary characteristics that capture the essence of an organization's culture. It indicates the degree to which ________.

(A) employees are encouraged to be innovative and take risks
(B) management focuses on results or outcomes rather than on the techniques and processes used to achieve them
(C) management decisions take into consideration the effect of outcomes on people within the organization
(D) employees are expected to exhibit precision, analysis, and attention to detail

MCQ No - 4

The key characteristic of organizational culture that addresses the degree to which people exhibit integrity and high ethical standards in their work is termed ________.

(A) integrity
(B) team orientation
(C) averseness
(D) risk taking

MCQ No - 5

Which of the following statements best describes the difference between organizational culture and job satisfaction?

(A) Job satisfaction depends upon the level of "power distance" in the country, but organizational culture does not.
(B) Organizational culture is static, whereas job satisfaction is dynamic.
(C) Job satisfaction is immeasurable, whereas organizational culture is measurable.
(D) Organizational culture is descriptive, whereas job satisfaction is evaluative.