Internal Combustion Engines (2161902) MCQ

MCQs of Diesel Power Plant

MCQ No - 1

The diesel plants are mainly used as.........

(A) peak-load plants
(B) baseload plants
(C) stand by power plants
(D) both peak and stand by plants

MCQ No - 2

The diesel power plant is used for electrical power generation in capacities ranging from.........

(A) 100 to 5000 H.P.
(B) 100 to 2000 H.P.
(C) 100 to 6500 H.P.
(D) 100 to 2500 H.P.

MCQ No - 3

Which of the following are the advantages of a diesel power plant?

(A) Diesel power plant design is simple for installation
(B) They can respond to varying loads without having any difficulty
(C) There is no problem with ash handling
(D) All of the above

MCQ No - 4

Which of the following are the disadvantages of diesel power plants?

(A) High Maintenance and operating cost
(B) The working life of a diesel power plant is small due to high maintenance
(C) The plant produces too much noise
(D) All of the above

MCQ No - 5

The diesel power plant used for.......

(A) electrical power generation
(B) transportation systems consisting of railroads, ships, automobiles, and airplanes
(C) industries
(D) All of the above