Internal Combustion Engines (2161902) MCQ

MCQs of Supercharging

MCQ No - 1

The purpose of supercharging is to

(A) increase compression ratio
(B) utilize exhaust gas energy
(C) increase charge density
(D) increase speed of the engine

MCQ No - 2

Supercharging is the process of

(A) supplying the intake of an engine with air at a density greater than the density of the surrounding atmosphere
(B) providing forced cooling air
(C) injecting excess fuel for raising more loads
(D) supplying compressed air to remove combustion products fully

MCQ No - 3

Which of the following is not an objective of supercharging?

(A) To reduce the weight to power ratio.
(B) To overcome power loss at higher altitudes
(C) To increase the power output
(D) To increase compression ratio

MCQ No - 4

Which of the following types of superchargers are not preferred?

(A) Piston cylinder type
(B) Root blower
(C) Vane type blower
(D) Centrifugal compressor

MCQ No - 5

The supercharging in a petrol engine is not common because

(A) greater fuel consumption as compared to naturally aspirated engines
(B) pre-ignite or detonation takes place
(C) the supercharged engine employs a low compression ratio
(D) all of these