Internal Combustion Engines (2161902) MCQ

MCQs of Ignition and Governing System

MCQ No - 1

The function of the ignition system is to _____________ the flame propagation process.

(A) stop
(B) initiate
(C) balance
(D) none of the mentioned

MCQ No - 2

The ignition timing is affected by

(A) combustion chamber design
(B) throttle opening
(C) engine temperature
(D) all of the mentioned

MCQ No - 3

The pressure, temperature, and density of the mixture between the spark plug electrodes have a considerable influence on the __________ required to produce a spark.

(A) voltage
(B) current
(C) mass
(D) none of the mentioned

MCQ No - 4

As air is a poor conductor of electricity an air gap in an electric circuit acts as a high

(A) conductor
(B) resistance
(C) induction
(D) none of the mentioned

MCQ No - 5

An ignition system should provide a good spark between the _____________ of the plugs at the correct timing.

(A) cathodes
(B) anodes
(C) electrodes
(D) none of the mentioned