Internal Combustion Engines (2161902) MCQ

MCQs of Measurement and Testing of IC Engines

MCQ No - 1

The mean effective pressure obtained from the engine indicator indicates the

(A) maximum pressure developed
(B) minimum pressure
(C) instantaneous pressure at any instant
(D) average pressure

MCQ No - 2

The ratio of indicated thermal efficiency to the corresponding air standard cycle efficiency is called

(A) net efficiency
(B) efficiency ratio
(C) relative efficiency
(D) overall efficiency

MCQ No - 3

The basic measurement and testing parameters are

(A) friction power
(B) indicated power
(C) brake power
(D) all of the above

MCQ No - 4

_____________ is the difference between indicated and brake power of an engine.

(A) Friction power
(B) Overall power
(C) Net power
(D) None of the mentioned

MCQ No - 5

_____________ is also known as fuel rate extrapolation method.

(A) Morse test
(B) Motoring test
(C) Willan’s line method
(D) Retardation test