Internal Combustion Engines (2161902) MCQ

MCQs of Introduction

MCQ No - 1

The working medium of an air standard cycle has constant ___________ throughout the cycle.

(A) pressure
(B) volume
(C) specific heat
(D) mass

MCQ No - 2

It is assumed that all the processes of an air standard cycle are

(A) reversible
(B) irreversible
(C) adiabatic
(D) isothermal

MCQ No - 3

The compression ratio of the I.C. engine is

(A) the ratio of volumes of air in cylinder before compression stroke and after compression stroke.
(B) the volume displaced by piston per stroke and clearance volume in the cylinder.
(C) the ratio of pressure after compression and before compression.
(D) swept volume/cylinder volume.

MCQ No - 4

A petrol engine, during suction stroke, draws

(A) air only
(B) petrol only
(C) a mixture of petrol and air
(D) a mixture of petrol and air and oil

MCQ No - 5

In a four-stroke cycle engine, the sequence of operations is

(A) suction, compression, expansion, and exhaust
(B) suction, expansion, compression, and exhaust
(C) expansion, compression, suction, and exhaust
(D) compression, expansion, suction, and exhaust