Internal Combustion Engines (2161902) MCQ

MCQs of Engine Lubrication and Cooling

MCQ No - 1

Which of the following parts are lubricated by splash system?

(A) Piston and piston rings
(B) Tappets
(C) Cams on camshaft
(D) All of the above

MCQ No - 2

Which of the following part is not lubricated by a pressure feed system?

(A) Timing gears
(B) Valve rods and Pushrods
(C) Rocker arms
(D) Main bearings of the crankshaft

MCQ No - 3

Mist lubrication system is used for ____________ stroke cycle engines.

(A) four
(B) two
(C) radial
(D) all of the above

MCQ No - 4

Splash system is suitable for

(A) low and medium speed engines
(B) high and medium speed engines
(C) only high-speed engines
(D) all of the above

MCQ No - 5

Wet sump lubrication system employs a large capacity oil sump at the base of the crank chamber, from which the oil is drawn by a ____ and delivered to various parts.

(A) low pressure oil pump
(B) high pressure oil pump
(C) oil pump
(D) vacuum pump