Computer Aided Design (2161903) MCQ

MCQs of Mathematical Representation of Solids

MCQ No - 1

In the following geometric modeling techniques which is not a three dimensional modeling?

(A) Wireframe modeling
(B) Drafting
(C) Surface modeling
(D) Solid modeling

MCQ No - 2

In the following three-dimensional modeling techniques, which do not require much computer time and memory?

(A) Wireframe modeling
(B) Solid modeling
(C) Surface modeling
(D) All of the above

MCQ No - 3

B-rep and C-Rep are the methods of ___________ .

(A) solid modeling
(B) surface modeling
(C) wireframe modeling
(D) 2D modeling

MCQ No - 4

From the following, which modeler defines model without mass properties?

(A) Wireframe
(B) Primitive
(C) B-rep

MCQ No - 5

The model which is created by using basic entities of two dimensioning is called ___________ .

(A) surface model
(B) wireframe model
(C) solid model
(D) isometric model