Industrial Engineering (2161907) MCQ

MCQs of Inspection and Statistical Quality Control

MCQ No - 1

Which among the following is a type of control chart for variables?

(A) C chart
(B) P chart
(C) X-bar chart
(D) U chart

MCQ No - 2

The distribution of measured data can be studied by using

(A) X-bar chart
(B) R chart
(C) both ‘A’ and ‘B’
(D) None of the above

MCQ No - 3

Which of the following gives actual measurement of any specific dimension?

(A) Inspection by variables
(B) Inspection by attributes
(C) both ‘A’ and ‘B’
(D) None of the above

MCQ No - 4

Sample size of 1 m2 is observed in which type of chart?

(A) c chart
(B) p chart
(C) nP chart
(D) R chart

MCQ No - 5

Which control chart pattern is/are used for assignable causes?

(A) Trend pattern
(B) Shift pattern
(C) Extreme variation pattern
(D) All of the above