Industrial Engineering (2161907) MCQ

MCQs of Location Selection and Plant Layout

MCQ No - 1

The profit of an enterprise can be increased by (i)Reducing total costs of production (ii)Increasing sales value (iii)Increasing capital cost (iv)Increasing manpower Which of the above are true?

(A) Only i
(B) i & ii
(C) I, ii & iii
(D) All of the above

MCQ No - 2

Which of the following industries should be located near the vicinity of raw materials?

(A) Cycles
(B) Televisions
(C) Sewing machines
(D) Steel mills

MCQ No - 3

For which of the following industry humid climate is helpful

(A) Cotton
(B) Steel
(C) Light Bulb
(D) Automobile

MCQ No - 4

For good natural ventilation, the ____ type of building preferred

(A) Flat roof
(B) Saw tooth
(C) High bay
(D) Monitor

MCQ No - 5

“Space available in vertical and horizontal directions is most effectively utilised” is known as principle of

(A) Cubic space utilisation
(B) Flexibility
(C) Flow
(D) Minimum distance