Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (2161908) MCQ

MCQs of Duct Design and Air Distribution

MCQ No - 1

The function of the duct in the air conditioning unit is

(A) air cooling
(B) air cleaning
(C) air drying
(D) air distribution

MCQ No - 2

The duct is made of

(A) galvanised iron
(B) aluminium
(C) fibreglass
(D) any one of these

MCQ No - 3

For rectangular ducts, the aspect ratio is equal to

(A) sum of longer and shorter sides
(B) sum of longer and shorter sides
(C) product of longer and shorter sides
(D) ratio of longer and shorter sides

MCQ No - 4

The aspect ratio for rectangular ducts should not be greater than____in any case.

(A) 8
(B) 10
(C) 12
(D) 16

MCQ No - 5

State which of the following statement is TRUE?

(A) The air conditioning duct should have high aspect ratio for good performance
(B) If the air conditioning duct is diverging, then the angle of divergence should be as small as possible to reduce pressure loss
(C) To minimize noise and vibration, air should flow with a low velocity
(D) Both B and C