Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (2161908) MCQ

MCQs of Vapour Compression System

MCQ No - 1

The vapour compression refrigerator employs the following cycle

(A) Rankine
(B) Brayton
(C) Carnot
(D) Reversed Carnot

MCQ No - 2

In a refrigeration cycle, heat is rejected by the refrigerant in a

(A) expansion valve
(B) condenser
(C) compressor
(D) evaporator

MCQ No - 3

Domestic refrigerator working on vapour compression cycle uses the following type of expansion device:

(A) Electrically operated throttling valve
(B) Manually operated valve
(C) Thermostatic valve
(D) Capillary tube

MCQ No - 4

In a refrigeration system, the expansion device is connected between the

(A) compressor and condenser
(B) condenser and receiver
(C) receiver and evaporator
(D) evaporator and compressor

MCQ No - 5

In the vapour compression refrigeration system, the condition of refrigerant is saturated liquid

(A) after passing through the condenser
(B) before passing through the condenser
(C) before entering the compressor
(D) after passing through the expansion valve