Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (2161908) MCQ

MCQs of Air Refrigeration

MCQ No - 1

Air refrigeration cycle is used in

(A) commercial refrigerators
(B) domestic refrigerators
(C) air-conditioning
(D) gas liquefaction

MCQ No - 2

Which of the following cycle uses air as the refrigerant

(A) Ericsson
(B) Stirling
(C) Rankine
(D) Bell-Coleman

MCQ No - 3

If T1 is the lower temperature and T2 is the higher temperature than the COP of the refrigeration system working on the reversed Carnot cycle is given by

(A) T2-T1T1
(B) T2-T1T2
(C) T1T2-T1
(D) T2T2-T1

MCQ No - 4

The COP of the reversed Carnot cycle may be improved by

(A) decreasing the higher temperature
(B) increasing the lower temperature
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) none of the above

MCQ No - 5

The COP of a Carnot refrigerator in winter will be ___________ than in summer.

(A) higher
(B) lesser
(C) same
(D) depends on the capacity of the plant