Renewable Energy Engineering (2181910) MCQ

MCQs of Solar Energy

MCQ No - 1

Which of the following energy has the greatest potential among all the sources of renewable energy?

(A) Solar energy
(B) Wind energy
(C) Thermal energy
(D) Hydro-electrical energy

MCQ No - 2

What is the rate of solar energy reaching the earth's surface?

(A) 1026 W
(B) 865 W
(C) 1016 W
(D) 1020 W

MCQ No - 3

What is the total amount of solar energy received by earth and the atmosphere?

(A) 12.8 ×1024 JYear 
(B) 2.8 ×1024 JYear 
(C) 22.8 ×1024 JYear 
(D) 3.8 ×1024 JYear 

MCQ No - 4

Which is the most common source of energy from which electricity is produced?

(A) Hydroelectricity
(B) Wind energy
(C) Coal
(D) Solar energy

MCQ No - 5

In what form is solar energy is radiated from the sun?

(A) Ultraviolet Radiation
(B) Electromagnetic waves
(C) Infrared radiation
(D) Transverse waves