MCQ(s) of Chemistry (2110001) - Summer 2016 Sem-2

    • Q. 1  A sample of water that does not give lather with soap solution is_____
    • (A) Soft water
      (B) Hard water
    • (C) Acidic water
      (D) Alkaline water
    • (B) Hard water
    • Q. 2  The type of bonds in EDTA with metal cation is:
    • (A) Covalent
      (B) Ionic
    • (C) Wanderwaals
      (D) Coordinate
    • (D) Coordinate
    • Q. 3  The Total dissolved solids (TDS) can be reduced by the following method
    • (A) Distillation
      (B) Reverse osmosis
    • (C) Ion exchange
      (D) All of the above
    • (D) Reverse osmosis
    • Q. 4  The ultimate source of water is
    • (A) Rivers and Lakes
      (B) Rivers and Lakes
    • (C) Rain and Forest
      (D) Underground and surface
    • (D) Rivers and Lakes
    • Q. 5  Bronze is an alloy of
    • (A) Cu and Nickel
      (B) Cu and iron
    • (C) Cu and Tin
      (D) Cu and Aluminium
    • (C) Cu and Tin
    • Q. 6  Corrosion of metals involves
    • (A) Physical reactions
      (B) Chemical reactions
    • (C) Both
      (D) None
    • (B) Chemical reactions
    • Q. 7  The solid fuels can be used in Internal combustion engine only after their
    • (A) Solidification
      (B) Liquefaction
    • (C) Gasification
      (D) All of the above
    • (C) Gasification
    • Q. 8  Nylon-6 is manufactured from
    • (A) Caprolactum
      (B) Maleic anhydride and hexamethylene diamine
    • (C) Adipic acid and hexamethylene diamine
      (D) sebasic acid and hexamethylene diamine
    • (C) Adipic acid and hexamethylene diamine
    • Q. 9  _______________is the technique of separation and identification of chemical compounds.
    • (A) Chromatography
      (B) bibliography
    • (C) Biography
      (D) None of these
    • (A) Chromatography
    • Q. 10  Microorganisms used in biotechnology shall not
    • (A) grow rapidly in cheap culture medium
      (B) shall be readily manipulated
    • (C) shall bot be pathogenic
      (D) all of these
    • (C) shall bot be pathogenic
    • Q. 11  Which acid is present in lemon
    • (A) Malic acid
      (B) Citric acid
    • (C) Lactic Acid
      (D) Tartaric Acid
    • (B) Citric acid
    • Q. 12  Final setting time of cement should not be more than
    • (A) 1 hour
      (B) 2 hours
    • (C) 2 hours
      (D) 10 hours
    • (D) 10 hours
    • Q. 13  Bio-Gas is
    • (A) Methane rich fuel
      (B) Ecofriendly and polllution free source
    • (C) Propoane rich fuel
      (D) Both A & C
    • (A) Methane rich fuel
    • Q. 14  An aqueous solution with pH = 0 is
    • (A) Strongly acidic
      (B) Strongly basic
    • (C) Neutral
      (D) Weakly acidic
    • (A) Strongly acidic