MCQ(s) of Elements of Civil Engineering (2110004) - Winter 2016 Sem-1

    • Q. 1  A scale on which three dimensions can be measured is known as
    • (A) Plain scale
      (B) Diagonal scale
    • (C) Vernier scale
      (D) Chord scale
    • (B) Diagonal scale
    • Q. 2  Which of the following instrument is used for measurements of angles?
    • (A) Geodimeter
      (B) Tellurometer
    • (C) Sextant
      (D) Telescope
    • (C) Sextant
    • Q. 3  Staff reading taken on a benchmark or change point is known as
    • (A) Back sight
      (B) Intermediate sight
    • (C) Fore sight
      (D) None of the above
    • (A) Back sight
    • Q. 4  Galvanizing means covering iron with a thin coat of
    • (A) Tin
      (B) Glaze
    • (C) Zinc
      (D) Coal tar
    • (C) Zinc
    • Q. 5  Which of the following structure can be constructed for water conservation?
    • (A) Gabian structure
      (B) Khet Talawadi
    • (C) Check dam
      (D) All of the above
    • (B) Khet Talawadi
    • Q. 6  An intersection where there is no need of traffic police to manage traffic is
    • (A) Unchannelized intersection
      (B) Channelized intersection
    • (C) Rotary intersection
      (D) all of the above
    • (C) Rotary intersection
    • Q. 7  A horizontal structural member provided below the window opening is_______
    • (A) Lintel
      (B) Parapet
    • (C) Sill
      (D) Plinth
    • (C) Sill
    • Q. 8  The longest chain line passing through the centre of the area is known as
    • (A) Base line
      (B) Tie line
    • (C) Check line
      (D) All of the above
    • (A) Base line
    • Q. 9  The angle of inclination in between the longitudinal axis of a magnetic needle and horizontal plane at any place is known as
    • (A) Magnetic bearing
      (B) Magnetic declination
    • (C) Dip
      (D) WCB
    • (C) Dip
    • Q. 10  The percentage of alumina in good brick earth lies between
    • (A) 10 – 20%
      (B) 20 – 30%
    • (C) 30 – 40%
      (D) 40 – 50%
    • (B) 20 – 30%
    • Q. 11  An independent footing of two columns are connected by a beam is called
    • (A) spread footing
      (B) strap footing
    • (C) combined footing
      (D) Mat foundation
    • (B) strap footing
    • Q. 12  A structural component of earthen dam is
    • (A) Sluice gates
      (B) Spillway gates
    • (C) Impervious core
      (D) None of the above
    • (D) None of the above
    • Q. 13  “ Keep Left” sign is a type of
    • (A) Regulatory sign
      (B) Warning sign
    • (C) Informatory sign
      (D) None of the above
    • (A) Regulatory sign
    • Q. 14  A wider longer step provided at the end of flight for resting and change in direction is________
    • (A) Tread
      (B) Riser
    • (C) Going
      (D) Landing
    • (D) Landing