MCQ(s) of Elements of Civil Engineering (2110004) - Summer 2015 Sem-2

    • Q. 1  The scope of Civil Engineering is
    • (A) Planning, designing and estimating
      (B) Supervision of construction
    • (C) Maintenance of work
      (D) All the above
    • (D) All the above
    • Q. 2  The object of surveying is to prepare a
    • (A) Drawing
      (B) Cross section
    • (C) Sketch
      (D) Map
    • (D) Map
    • Q. 3  The main principle of surveying is to work from
    • (A) Part to the whole
      (B) Whole to the part
    • (C) Higher to lower level
      (D) Lower to higher level
    • (B) Whole to the part
    • Q. 4  Survey which carried out to represent mountains, valleys, rivers, forests and other details of a country are known as
    • (A) Cadastral surveys
      (B) Engineering surveys
    • (C) Mine surveys
      (D) Topographical surveys
    • (D) Topographical surveys
    • Q. 5  The compass box is made up of
    • (A) Iron
      (B) Aluminium
    • (C) Brass
      (D) Steel
    • (C) Brass
    • Q. 6  The vertical angle between the longitudinal axis of a freely suspended magnetic needle and the horizontal is called
    • (A) Declination
      (B) Azimuth
    • (C) Dip
      (D) None of the above
    • (C) Dip
    • Q. 7  The surface of still water is considered to be
    • (A) Level
      (B) Horizontal
    • (C) Curved
      (D) Smooth
    • (A) Level
    • Q. 8  The area of irregular shape can be measured by
    • (A) Pentagraph
      (B) Chain
    • (C) Theodolite
      (D) Planimeter
    • (D) Planimeter
    • Q. 9  Total station is used for
    • (A) measuring horizontal, vertical and slope distance
      (B) measuring horizontal, vertical and percentage of slope
    • (C) measuring height of an object
      (D) all the above
    • (D) all the above
    • Q. 10  Plan is prepared by taking the cross section at
    • (A) Foundation level
      (B) Sill level
    • (C) Slab level
      (D) Lintel level
    • (B) Sill level
    • Q. 11  Rainfall and snowfall is
    • (A) Dead load
      (B) Live Load
    • (C) Load on floors
      (D) None
    • (B) Live Load
    • Q. 12  The earth’s water circulatory system is known as
    • (A) water cycle
      (B) Hydraulic Cycle
    • (C) Monsoon Cycle
      (D) None of the above
    • (A) water cycle
    • Q. 13  Main ingredient in the cement composition is
    • (A) Silica
      (B) Lime
    • (C) Clay
      (D) Alumina
    • (B) Lime
    • Q. 14  “No parking” sign is the type of
    • (A) Regulatory sign
      (B) Warning sign
    • (C) Informatory sign
      (D) None
    • (A) Regulatory sign