MCQ(s) of Elements of Mechanical Engineering (2110006) - Winter 2016 Sem-1

    • Q. 1  The sum of internal energy (U) and the product of pressure and volume (p.v) is known as
    • (A) workdone
      (B) entropy
    • (C) enthalpy
      (D) heat
    • (C) enthalpy
    • Q. 2  The energy which is not derived from the sun is ______.
    • (A) bio-mass
      (B) fossil fuels
    • (C) nuclear energy
      (D) geo-thermal energy
    • (C) nuclear energy
    • Q. 3  An adiabatic process is one in which
    • (A) no heat enters or leaves the gas
      (B) the temperature of the gas changes
    • (C) the change in internal energy is equal to the mechanical work done
      (D) all of the above
    • (D) all of the above
    • Q. 4  The ratio of specific heat at constant pressure (cp) and specific heat at constant volume (cv) is
    • (A) equal to one
      (B) less than one
    • (C) greater than one
      (D) none of these
    • (C) greater than one
    • Q. 5  Superheated vapour behaves
    • (A) exactly as gas
      (B) as steam
    • (C) as ordinary vapour
      (D) approximately as a gas
    • (D) approximately as a gas
    • Q. 6  The behaviour of a perfect gas, undergoing any change in the variables which control physical properties, is governed by
    • (A) Boyle's law
      (B) Charles' law
    • (C) Gay-Lussac law
      (D) all of these
    • (D) all of these
    • Q. 7  The efficiency of Diesel cycle increases with
    • (A) decrease in cut-off
      (B) increase in cut-off
    • (C) constant cut-off
      (D) none of these
    • (A) decrease in cut-off
    • Q. 8  Which of the following statement is correct?
    • (A) A fire tube boiler occupies less space than a water tube boiler, for a given power
      (B) Steam at a high pressure and in large quantities can be produced with a simple vertical boiler.
    • (C) A simple vertical boiler has one fire tube.
      (D) all of the above
    • (C) A simple vertical boiler has one fire tube.
    • Q. 9  The compression ratio for petrol engine is
    • (A) 3 to 6
      (B) 5 to 8
    • (C) 15 to 20
      (D) 20 to 30
    • (B) 5 to 8
    • Q. 10  The impeller of a centrifugal pump may have
    • (A) volute casing
      (B) volute casing with guide blades
    • (C) vortex casing
      (D) any one of these
    • (D) any one of these
    • Q. 11  The maximum delivery pressure in a rotary air compressor is
    • (A) 10 bar
      (B) 20 bar
    • (C) 30 bar
      (D) 50 bar
    • (A) 10 bar
    • Q. 12  During a refrigeration cycle, heat is rejected by the refrigerant in a
    • (A) compressor
      (B) condenser
    • (C) evaporator
      (D) expansion valve
    • (B) condenser
    • Q. 13  A hydraulic coupling belongs to the category of
    • (A) power absorbing machines
      (B) power developing machines
    • (C) energy transfer machines
      (D) energy generating machines
    • (C) energy transfer machines
    • Q. 14  An open belt drive is used when
    • (A) shafts are arranged parallel and rotate in the opposite directions
      (B) shafts are arranged parallel and rotate in the same directions
    • (C) shafts are arranged at right angles and rotate in one definite direction
      (D) driven shaft is to be started or stopped whenever desired without interfering with the driving shaft
    • (B) shafts are arranged parallel and rotate in the same directions