MCQ(s) of Elements of Mechanical Engineering (2110006) - Summer 2015 Sem-2

    • Q. 1  Work is considered positive when
    • (A) Work is done on the system
      (B) work is done by the system
    • (C) both a and b
      (D) none of the above
    • (B) work is done by the system
    • Q. 2  A source of energy is known as non renewable source
    • (A) Fossil fuel
      (B) Nuclear
    • (C) CNG
      (D) All of the above
    • (D) All of the above
    • Q. 3  When driving and driven shafts are at comparatively larger distance apart, the type of drive suitable is :
    • (A) Gear drive
      (B) Belt drive
    • (C) friction drive
      (D) chain drive
    • (B) Belt drive
    • Q. 4  The clutch ordinarily remains in disengaged condition when it is used for power transmission in:
    • (A) Automobile
      (B) Machine tools
    • (C) Crane
      (D) Elevator
    • (D) None of the above
    • Q. 5  Which of the following type of centrifugal pump converts kinetic energy of pump into pressure energy:
    • (A) Foot valve
      (B) Casing
    • (C) Suction pipe
      (D) Impeller
    • (B) Casing
    • Q. 6  For earth moving machines, widely used engines are:
    • (A) Petrol engine
      (B) Steam engine
    • (C) Diesel engine
      (D) Gas engine
    • (C) Diesel engine
    • Q. 7  The correct location of economizer is :
    • (A) Between furnace and preheater
      (B) between airpreheater and chimney
    • (C) between forced draft fan and furnace
      (D) near the superheater
    • (D) near the superheater
    • Q. 8  COMPRESSOR is a machine which is used to do
    • (A) lift liquid from low height to higher elevation
      (B) To store liquid
    • (C) To compress liquid OR gas
      (D) none of the above
    • (C) To compress liquid OR gas
    • Q. 9  Which of the following energy is converted into electricity in a Hydo power plant
    • (A) Nuclear energy
      (B) Potential Energy of water
    • (C) Thermal Energy
      (D) all of the above
    • (B) Potential Energy of water
    • Q. 10  Which of the following is a unit of Power
    • (A) Joules
      (B) Watt
    • (C) Meter
      (D) kilogram
    • (B) Watt
    • Q. 11  Which of the following instrument is used to measure temperature
    • (A) Vernier calliper
      (B) Manometer
    • (C) Thermometer
      (D) none of the above
    • (C) Thermometer
    • Q. 12  In a simple gear train having two gears , if driving gear rotates in clockwise direction then driven gear rotates in
    • (A) Clockwise direction
      (B) Anti clockwise direction
    • (C) Depend on size of gear
      (D) depend on no. of teeth
    • (B) Anti clockwise direction
    • Q. 13  In a IC engine from which of the following source energy is converted into mechanical energy
    • (A) Chemical energy of fuel
      (B) potential energy
    • (C) kinetic energy
      (D) All of the above
    • (A) Chemical energy of fuel
    • Q. 14  Which of the following instrument is used for drawing curved lines
    • (A) T- Square
      (B) French curves
    • (C) Protractor
      (D) Compass
    • (B) French curves
    • Q. 15  Water after being pumped into a boiler cannot come out because of:
    • (A) Steam stop valve
      (B) Feed check valve
    • (C) Safety valve
      (D) Blow off valve
    • (B) Feed check valve
    • Q. 16  For the same compression ratio, the thermal efficiency of otto cycle is :
    • (A) Greater than Diesel engine
      (B) less than Diesel engine
    • (C) equal to Diesel Engine
      (D) None of the above
    • (A) Greater than Diesel engine
    • Q. 17  Diesel cycle consists of :
    • (A) Two isentropic process and two isothermal process
      (B) two isentropic, one constant pressure, one constant volume process
    • (C) two isothermal and two constant pressure process
      (D) two isentropic, Two constant volume process
    • (B) two isentropic, one constant pressure, one constant volume process
    • Q. 18  Dryness fraction of a steam (x) is given by:
    • (A) ms / mw
      (B) mw / ms
    • (C) (ms + 1) / mw
      (D) ms / (ms +mw )
    • (D) ms / (ms +mw )
    • Q. 19  The material for making packing for covering steam pipes to avoid heat transfer, are made up of :
    • (A) Asbestos
      (B) Gold
    • (C) Iron
      (D) Aluminum
    • (A) Asbestos
    • Q. 20  The relation between Cp and Cv is:
    • (A) Cp - Cv = R
      (B) Cv - Cp
    • (C) Cp + Cv = R
      (D) Cp . Cv
    • (A) Cp - Cv = R
    • Q. 21  Specific heat is defined as the amount required
    • (A) To raise unit degree of temperature of a substance
      (B) To raise unit mass of a substance through unit degree of temperature
    • (C) To raise unit mass of a substance through 10°C
      (D) None of the above
    • (B) To raise unit mass of a substance through unit degree of temperature