MCQ(s) of Elements of Mechanical Engineering (2110006) - Summer 2017 Sem-2

    • Q. 1  In an isolated system, what transfer?
    • (A) mass
      (B) energy
    • (C) both mass and energy
      (D) neither mass nor energy
    • (D) neither mass nor energy
    • Q. 2  Which of the following is a path function?
    • (A) heat
      (B) temperature
    • (C) pressure
      (D) volume
    • (A) heat
    • Q. 3  Which has the highest calorific value?
    • (A) Petrol
      (B) Diesel oil
    • (C) Alcohol
      (D) Benzene
    • (A) Petrol
    • Q. 4  Choose the incorrect relationship.
    • (A) CP + CV = R
      (B) CP - CV = R
    • (C)  γ= CP/CV
      (D) CV=R/(γ-1)
    • (A) CP + CV = R
    • Q. 5  Steam coming out of the whistle of pressure cooker is
    • (A) Dry and saturated vapour
      (B) Wet vapour
    • (C) Superheated vapour
      (D) Ideal gas
    • (C) Superheated vapour
    • Q. 6  Superheating of steam is done at constant
    • (A) pressure
      (B) volume
    • (C) temperature
      (D) enthalpy
    • (A) pressure
    • Q. 7  The Otto cycle is also known as
    • (A) constant pressure cycle
      (B) constant volume cycle
    • (C) constant temperature cycle
      (D) constant enthalpy cycle
    • (B) constant volume cycle
    • Q. 8  When heat is added to the water and if its temperature does not change, the heat added is called
    • (A) latent heat
      (B) isothermal heat
    • (C) sensible heat
      (D) constant pressure heat
    • (A) latent heat
    • Q. 9  Which one of the following is vertical boiler?
    • (A) Lancashire
      (B) Cochran
    • (C) Cornish
      (D) Locomotive
    • (B) Cochran
    • Q. 10  Petrol engine work on ________system.
    • (A) either spark or compression ignition
      (B) spark ignition
    • (C) compression ignition
      (D) all of the above
    • (B) spark ignition
    • Q. 11  Scroll compressor is a ______________compressor.
    • (A) reciprocating
      (B) rotary
    • (C) dynamic
      (D) radial
    • (B) rotary
    • Q. 12  Pump cannot be driven by
    • (A) electric motor
      (B) I.C. Engine
    • (C) steam turbine
      (D) compressor
    • (D) compressor
    • Q. 13  Performance parameter for refrigeration system is known as
    • (A) efficiency
      (B) COP
    • (C) effectiveness
      (D) energy ratio
    • (B) COP
    • Q. 14  In VCR cycle, refrigeration effect is produced by
    • (A) compressor
      (B) condenser
    • (C) expander
      (D) evaporator
    • (D) evaporator