MCQ(s) of Environmental Studies (2110007) - Winter 2013 Sem-1

    • Q. 1  The outer soil crust of the earth is known as
    • (A) Hydrosphere
      (B) Exosphere
    • (C) Lithosphere
      (D) Mesosphere
    • (C) Lithosphere
    • Q. 2  Which ecosystem shows an inverted pyramid of biomass?
    • (A) Pond
      (B) Forest
    • (C) Grassland
      (D) Desert
    • (A) Pond
    • Q. 3  If the population of a species increases suddenly, it is called
    • (A) Population growth
      (B) Over population
    • (C) Population forecasting
      (D) Population explosion
    • (D) Population explosion
    • Q. 4  Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) used as coolants in refrigerators contains
    • (A) Carbon
      (B) Hydrogen
    • (C) Chlorine and fluorine
      (D) All of these
    • (C) Chlorine and fluorine
    • Q. 5  Which disease occurs due to consumption of methyl mercury by bacterial action.
    • (A) Minamata
      (B) fluoropyrosis
    • (C) cholera
      (D) None of these
    • (A) Minamata
    • Q. 6  Which air pollutant reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood by combining with hemoglobin forming carboxy hemoglobin?
    • (A) CO
      (B) SO2
    • (C) CO2
      (D) N2O
    • (A) CO
    • Q. 7  Which of these is not a renewable energy source?
    • (A) Tidal energy
      (B) Wind energy
    • (C) nuclear energy
      (D) Geo thermal energy
    • (C) nuclear energy
    • Q. 8  The lack of sufficient calories in available food so that one has little or no ability to move or work is known as
    • (A) Malnutrition
      (B) Malnourishment
    • (C) Undernourishment
      (D) All of these
    • (C) Undernourishment
    • Q. 9  In cyclone separators which force is utilized to separate the particulate matter from the gas?
    • (A) Electrostatic force
      (B) Centrifugal force
    • (C) Gravitational force
      (D) Hydrostatic force
    • (B) Centrifugal force
    • Q. 10  The study of interrelationship between living organisms and their physical and biological environment is termed as
    • (A) Ecology
      (B) Ecosystem
    • (C) Environmental Education
      (D) Environmental Science
    • (A) Ecology
    • Q. 11  A green house has higher temperature inside than outside which is due to
    • (A) Glass walls
      (B) High Co2 content
    • (C) High water vapour of air
      (D) All of these
    • (A) Glass walls
    • Q. 12  The programme managed by Forest department of Gujarat for planting trees on non-forest lands to improve green cover of state is
    • (A) Social Forestry Programme
      (B) Social welfare programme
    • (C) Social afforestation
      (D) Tree plantation programme
    • (D) Tree plantation programme
    • Q. 13  Which of these is not a physical quality parameter for determining the quality of water
    • (A) Turbidity
      (B) odour
    • (C) Hardness
      (D) temperature
    • (C) Hardness
    • Q. 14  Loss or removal of the superficial layer of soil by the action of water, wind or by the activities of man is termed as
    • (A) Soil pollution
      (B) Desertification
    • (C) Salination
      (D) Soil erosion
    • (D) Soil erosion