MCQ(s) of Environmental Studies (2110007) - Summer 2014 Sem-2

    • Q. 1  Earth Day is celebrated on _____________________.
    • (A) 5th June
      (B) 12th May
    • (C) 22nd April
      (D) 22nd May
    • (C) 22nd April
    • Q. 2  Stratosphere contains an important spices which protects life on Earth is _______________.
    • (A) Oxygen
      (B) Ozone
    • (C) Nitrogen
      (D) Hydrogen
    • (B) Ozone
    • Q. 3  A zone consisting of Land, water and air which supports life is called.
    • (A) Biosphere
      (B) Atmosphere
    • (C) Lithosphere
      (D) Hydrosphere
    • (A) Biosphere
    • Q. 4  The graphical representation of an orginasm position as well as function at successive trophic levels called ______________________.
    • (A) Food chain
      (B) Food web
    • (C) Ecological pyramid
      (D) Biogeochemical cycle
    • (C) Ecological pyramid
    • Q. 5  The Equitable use of resources is necessary for _________________________.
    • (A) sustainable development
      (B) better Life Style for man
    • (C) Sustain natural wealth
      (D) All of the above.
    • (A) sustainable development
    • Q. 6  The average number of persons living per sq. km. is known as ________________.
    • (A) Community
      (B) Population growth
    • (C) Population
      (D) Population density.
    • (D) Population density.
    • Q. 7  Any material that can be transformed into more valuable and useful product or service is called __________________.
    • (A) Resource
      (B) mineral
    • (C) element
      (D) product
    • (A) Resource
    • Q. 8  PAN is a secondary pollutant that _________________
    • (A) Forms when hydrocarbon radical reacts with nitrogen dioxide
      (B) Cause photochemical smog.
    • (C) May cause respiratory diseases in human.
      (D) All of the above
    • (B) Cause photochemical smog.
    • Q. 9  ____ gives an empirical value to water quality and is a parameter for organic matter present in water.
    • (A) B O D
      (B) C O D
    • (C) D O
      (D) All of the above
    • (A) B O D
    • Q. 10  Which of the following is not a method for water conservation.
    • (A) Rain water harvesting.
      (B) Improving irrigation efficiency
    • (C) Avoiding wastage of water
      (D) Ground water extraction.
    • (D) Ground water extraction.
    • Q. 11  Automobile Exhaust consists of _______
    • (A) Hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitric oxide.
      (B) Lead vapour
    • (C) Sulphur dioxide.
      (D) Carbon dioxide
    • (A) Hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitric oxide.
    • Q. 12  Sunlight may be converted into electricity through ______
    • (A) galvanic cell
      (B) carbon electrodes
    • (C) photo voltic cell
      (D) glass panel
    • (C) photo voltic cell
    • Q. 13  The energy flow through the Ecosystem is _______
    • (A) cyclic
      (B) linear and oneway
    • (C) both cyclic and linear
      (D) linear and twoway
    • (A) cyclic
    • Q. 14  Sex ratio is defined as _____
    • (A) Nos. of female per 1000 male
      (B) Nos. of female per 100 male
    • (C) Nos. of male per 1000 female
      (D) Nos. of male per 100 female
    • (A) Nos. of female per 1000 male