MCQ(s) of Engineering Graphics (2110013) - Winter 2016 Sem-1

    • Q. 1  A French curve is used to draw
    • (A) Circles
      (B) orthographic projections
    • (C) Right circular cone
      (D) Smooth freeform curve
    • (D) Smooth freeform curve
    • Q. 2  When the drawing are drawn smaller than the actual size of object then scale is known as
    • (A) Enlarged Scale
      (B) Reduced Scale
    • (C) Full Scale
      (D) Standard scale
    • (B) Reduced Scale
    • Q. 3  A curved traced out by a point which moves uniformly both about the Centre and at the same time away or towards the Centre is known as
    • (A) Involute
      (B) Cycloid
    • (C) Arche median spiral
      (D) Ellipse
    • (C) Arche median spiral
    • Q. 4  If the object lies in the fourth quadrant, its position with respect to reference plane will be
    • (A) In front of V.P. and above H.P
      (B) Behind V.P. and below H.P.
    • (C) In front of V.P. and below H.P.
      (D) Behind V.P. and above H.P.
    • (C) In front of V.P. and below H.P.
    • Q. 5  10 mm Length of line in Isometric projection will be equal to
    • (A) 10 mm
      (B) 8.15 mm
    • (C) 12.26 mm
      (D) 7.07 mm
    • (B) 8.15 mm
    • Q. 6  When a right regular cone is cut by a plane parallel to base the shape of section obtained is
    • (A) Ellipse
      (B) Parabola
    • (C) Triangle
      (D) Circle
    • (D) Circle
    • Q. 7  A line having length of L is resting on HP on one end and other end is in VP and parallel to profile plan then summation of angle made by line with HP and VP is
    • (A) 60?
      (B) 90?
    • (C) 30?
      (D) 45?
    • (B) 90?