MCQ(s) of Engineering Graphics (2110013) - Summer 2015 Sem-2

    • Q. 1  When the plane cuts the cone parallel to one of the generator, the curve trace out by section is
    • (A) Ellipse
      (B) Parabola
    • (C) Hyperbola
      (D) Involute
    • (B) Parabola
    • Q. 2  In first angle projection method The Left hand side view is placed on
    • (A) Above elevation
      (B) Right side of elevation
    • (C) below elevation
      (D) Left side of elevation
    • (B) Right side of elevation
    • Q. 3  A French curve is used to draw
    • (A) Circles
      (B) Smooth freeform curve
    • (C) Right circular cone
      (D) orthographic projection
    • (B) Smooth freeform curve
    • Q. 4  If line is inclined to vertical plane and parallel to Horizontal plane, then which one of the following is always correct?
    • (A) True length = Plan length
      (B) True length = Elevation length
    • (C) True length ? Plan length
      (D) None of the above
    • (A) True length = Plan length
    • Q. 5  To obtain the true shape of the section of solid, an auxiliary plane is set at
    • (A) Parallel to cutting plane
      (B) Perpendicular to cutting plane
    • (C) Parallel to Ground plane
      (D) Perpendicular to XY Plane
    • (A) Parallel to cutting plane
    • Q. 6  A square plane is inclined to HP & perpendicular to VP its elevation appears as
    • (A) Rhombus
      (B) Square
    • (C) Straight line
      (D) Rectangle
    • (C) Straight line
    • Q. 7  Length (L) of line in Isometric view will be equal to
    • (A) 0.707 L
      (B) 0.815 L
    • (C) True length L
      (D) 0.866 L
    • (C) True length L
    • Q. 8  For scale, which one is not correct
    • (A) 1:2
      (B) 1:20
    • (C) 1:1/2
      (D) 1/2
    • (D) 1/2
    • Q. 9  In Isometric view length, Width, and Height are inclined at
    • (A) 30º
      (B) 60º
    • (C) 90º
      (D) 120º
    • (D) 120º
    • Q. 10  When a point is below HP & in Front of VP it is in
    • (A) First quadrant
      (B) Second quadrant
    • (C) Third quadrant
      (D) Fourth quadrant
    • (D) Fourth quadrant
    • Q. 11  In orthographic view the lines Perpendicular to arrow X are drawn as (1) Parallel to XY in Plan (2) Parallel to XY in elevation (3) Perpendicular to XY in Elevation
    • (A) 1
      (B) 2
    • (C) 3
      (D) 1 & 2
    • (D) 1 & 2
    • Q. 12  When the cone, resting on base on V.P., is cut by section plane parallel to V.P. then the true shape is __________ and can be seen in __________ view.
    • (A) Circle, Front
      (B) Ellipse, Front
    • (C) Ellipse, Top
      (D) Circle, Top
    • (A) Circle, Front
    • Q. 13  The isometric view of a vertical line is represented at an angle of ____ in front view and having a length _________ the original length of line.
    • (A) 30º, Same as
      (B) 30º, Less than
    • (C) 90º, Same as
      (D) 90º, Less than
    • (C) 90º, Same as
    • Q. 14  While drawing the isometric view of the sphere, its diameter is taken as
    • (A) Equal to actual diameter
      (B) 11/9 times of the actual diameter
    • (C) 21/9 times of the actual diameter
      (D) none of the above
    • (B) 11/9 times of the actual diameter