MCQ(s) of Engineering Graphics (2110013) - Summer 2016 Sem-2

    • Q. 1  When a surface of an object is inclined to a plane of projection, it will appear _________________ in the view.
    • (A) foreshortened
      (B) in true size and shape
    • (C) as a line
      (D) as a point
    • (A) foreshortened
    • Q. 2  A sphere can be described in how many views?
    • (A) 4
      (B) 3
    • (C) 2
      (D) 1
    • (D) 1
    • Q. 3  If point C is below HP and behind VP then in which quadrant point C lies?
    • (A) First
      (B) Second
    • (C) Third
      (D) Fourth
    • (C) Third
    • Q. 4  A cone base diameter 40 mm and axis 60 mm is cut by a plane parallel to the base then the true shape will be
    • (A) Parabola
      (B) Circle
    • (C) Isosceles Triangle
      (D) Regular Triangle
    • (B) Circle
    • Q. 5  The angle between each axis for an isometric drawing is ____.
    • (A) 90 degrees
      (B) 120 degrees
    • (C) 180 degrees
      (D) 60 degrees
    • (B) 120 degrees
    • Q. 6  Representative fraction is ratio of
    • (A) Maximum length/Minimum length
      (B) Actual length of object/Length of object in drawing
    • (C) Length of object in drawing/Actual length of object
      (D) All of these
    • (C) Length of object in drawing/Actual length of object
    • Q. 7  Scale used when the lengths are required in three consecutive units is
    • (A) Plain
      (B) Vertical
    • (C) Diagonal
      (D) Vernier
    • (C) Diagonal
    • Q. 8  In first angle projection system, plan is drawn
    • (A) Above Elevation
      (B) Below Elevation
    • (C) Left of the Elevation
      (D) Right of the Elevation
    • (B) Below Elevation
    • Q. 9  Dashed line is used to draw…
    • (A) Outer Edges
      (B) Projections
    • (C) Center & Center axis
      (D) Hidden faces
    • (D) Hidden faces
    • Q. 10  A solid is said to be a right solid if
    • (A) Axis is perpendicular to its base
      (B) Parallel to its base
    • (C) Inclined to its base
      (D) All of these
    • (A) Axis is perpendicular to its base
    • Q. 11  If the value of Eccentricity is greater than 1 curve will be
    • (A) Ellipse
      (B) Parabola
    • (C) Hyperbola
      (D) Circle
    • (C) Hyperbola
    • Q. 12  The curve traced out by a point which moves uniformly both about the centre and at the same time away or toward the centre is
    • (A) Cycloid
      (B) Logarithmic Spiral
    • (C) Involute
      (D) Archemedian Spiral
    • (D) Archemedian Spiral
    • Q. 13  When a line is inclined to VP and parallel to HP, the front view will be _______ to xy
    • (A) parallel
      (B) perpendicular
    • (C) inclined at angle f
      (D) non on these
    • (A) parallel
    • Q. 14  Second angle projection is not used because
    • (A) Plan is above xy
      (B) both views overlap each other
    • (C) elevation is above xy
      (D) views are small in size
    • (B) both views overlap each other