MCQ(s) of Engineering Graphics (2110013) - Summer 2017 Sem-2

    • Q. 1  A short break line is used to indicate a
    • (A) broken part
      (B) part to be broken
    • (C) long part of uniform cross section
      (D) short part of non-uniform cross section
    • (B) part to be broken
    • Q. 2  The type of line used to indicate a cutting plane is
    • (A) Dashed
      (B) long dashed dotted
    • (C) long dashed double dotted
      (D) continuous freehand
    • (B) long dashed dotted
    • Q. 3  The size of the drawing drawn to scale 2:1 will be ____________ the actual size.
    • (A) Same as
      (B) twice of
    • (C) half of
      (D) none of a,b, and c
    • (B) twice of
    • Q. 4  If an area of Y2 is represented by an area of X2 on a drawing, then the RF is equal to
    • (A) X/Y
      (B) X2/Y2
    • (C) X/Y
      (D) X2/Y2
    • (B) X2/Y2
    • Q. 5  Boyle’s law, PV = constant generates a curve which is a
    • (A) Hyperbola
      (B) rectangular hyperbola
    • (C) parabola
      (D) rectangular parabola
    • (B) rectangular hyperbola
    • Q. 6  The gear tooth profile is in the form of
    • (A) parabola
      (B) involute
    • (C) spiral
      (D) helix
    • (B) involute
    • Q. 7  The line joining any point on an Archimedean spiral with the pole is called the
    • (A) shortest radius
      (B) radius vector
    • (C) vectorial angle
      (D) convolution
    • (B) radius vector
    • Q. 8  In the orthographic projections, F.V. is projected on
    • (A) H.P.
      (B) V.P.
    • (C) XY
      (D) GL
    • (B) V.P.
    • Q. 9  The top view of a rectangular shaped room will show
    • (A) length and height
      (B) length and width
    • (C) width and height
      (D) height only
    • (B) length and width
    • Q. 10  If θ + Ø = 90, then which of the following statements is CORRECT?
    • (A)  α = β = 90
      (B) side view = TL
    • (C) FV is perpendicular to XY
      (D) All of the above
    • (D) All of the above
    • Q. 11  To obtain the true shape of the section of a solid, the auxiliary plane is set
    • (A) inclined at 45ο to cutting plane
      (B) perpendicular to the cutting plane
    • (C) parallel to cutting plane
      (D) parallel to XY
    • (C) parallel to cutting plane
    • Q. 12  Compare to actual diameter, the isometric diameter of the sphere is
    • (A) equal
      (B) smaller
    • (C) greater
      (D) none
    • (C) greater
    • Q. 13  The height of the tetrahedron of 40 mm sides will be _________ 40 mm.
    • (A) equal to
      (B) less than
    • (C) greater than
      (D) half of
    • (B) less than
    • Q. 14  In Isometric projection, the length or width of the object is drawn at _________ to the horizontal reference line.
    • (A) 30
      (B) 45
    • (C) 90
      (D) 120
    • (A) 30